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Welcome to the Nelan / Pickens family tree.

Some families know a great deal about their roots; others know very little. This web site is our attempt to record what we have learned about our family history so far (some roots dating back to the 1500's). In these modern times, families tend to be scattered all over the country, if not the world. One of the goals is to help the existing & next generation of our family to know their roots. At the moment, we have barely even scratched the surface of our family history. But, with the help from others in the family, I'm sure we can get alot of information recorded.

The site has been established to allow our various related families to communicate, share information, and collaborate on all aspects of family news - past, present and future. It is open for viewing by anyone, anywhere - but privacy controls restrict certain data to registered family members only. In particular, without registration you cannot see any information about living individuals.

If you are a descendent of anyone listed here, please Register as a site user. That doesn't cost anything (and no spam will call!) - Once we 'approved' your registration - it will allow you to see details for people still alive, and let you suggest additions (or changes) for the branch of the family that you belong to.

Get involved in researching your roots, you will find if very interesting and somewhat addictive.... Enjoy...

Liz Nelan

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21 May 2015 - 9:48:44pm

25 April 2009
Nelan / Pickens

28 May 2022 - 7:40:41pm

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Carmack, Robert Robert28 May 1884138Birth 
Downing, Annie Mae Annie Mae28 May 1893129Birth 
Huffstatler, Leland Otto Leland Otto28 May 192795Birth 
Jenkins, Julia Amanda Julia Amanda28 May 1854168Birth 
Kelley, Kenneth G.
Vorce, Anna Mae
Kenneth G.28 May 193884Marriage 
Little, Henry Marshall Henry Marshall28 May 192894Death 
Malone, Virgil H. Virgil H.28 May 200517Death 
Newman, Theodocia Ann "Docia" Theodocia Ann "Docia"28 May 1868154Birth 
Phillips, Louis Eugene Louis Eugene28 May 200022Death 
Pickens, Betty Laney Betty Laney28 May 20148Death 
Pickens, Billie Jacob Billie Jacob28 May 192894Birth 
Pickens, Bonnie Darline Bonnie Darline28 May 200616Death 
Pickens, Cantrell Frederick Cantrell Frederick28 May 1893129Birth 
Pickens, Curtis Leon Curtis Leon28 May 20202Death 
Pickens, Dewitt Wallace Dewitt Wallace28 May 1861161Birth 
Pickens, Edward Carlile
Arve, Frances
Edward Carlile28 May 193983Marriage 
Pickens, Harold Scott Harold Scott28 May 194478Death 
Pickens, Howard T. Howard T.28 May 1894128Birth 
Pickens, Ira Willis Ira Willis28 May 196458Death 
Pickens, James Albert James Albert28 May 1888134Birth 
Pickens, Jay Wendell Jr Jay Wendell Jr28 May 20157Death 
Pickens, John C. John C.28 May 1916106Death 
Pickens, Leonard Leonard28 May 1863159Death 
Pickens, Paul Liddel
Hales, Frankie
Paul Liddel28 May 194874Marriage 
Pickens, Pearl Pearl28 May 197151Death 
Pickens, Robert Kenneth Robert Kenneth28 May 192795Birth 
Pickens, Romie Noil Romie Noil28 May 1922100Birth 
Pickens, Ruby V Ruby V28 May 1883139Birth 
Pickens, Sarah Sarah28 May 1916106Death 
Pickens, Unav Fratus Unav Fratus28 May 192597Birth 
Pickens, Walter Houston Walter Houston28 May 1884138Death 
Presson, Henry Henry28 May 1879143Birth 
Sherman, Mary Ellen Mary Ellen28 May 1838184Birth 
Smith, Arthur Pickens Arthur Pickens28 May 196755Death 
Smith, Francis Somerfield "Frank" II
Claridge, Mary Jane
Francis Somerfield "Frank" II28 May 194181Marriage 
Smith, Lutie Frances Lutie Frances28 May 196755Death 
Smith, Sidney Sidney28 May 1844178Death 
Stracener, Colman Anthony
Stone, Amy Belle
Colman Anthony28 May 193884Marriage 
Summers, J.T. J.T.28 May 192696Birth 
Tempio, James V. James V.28 May 200814Death 
Ziegler, Alabama "Bama" Alabama "Bama"28 May 1861161Birth 

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