Catherine Shine

(20 March 1909 - 27 March 2004)


Catherine Shine was born on 20 March 1909 in the town of Clonown; Athlone; county of Roscommon, Ireland.

Her parents were Peter & Hanorah (Carroll) Shine. She had 5 sisters & 2 brothers, Mary; Bridget; Margaret; Julie; Nora; Lawrenence; and Edward.

She immigrated to America, and arrived in the New York via the ship "S.S Aurania" on Oct. 17, 1927 at the age of 18

The trip took 8 days. There were no other family members listed on the Ship's manifest, thus, she appears to have traveled from Ireland alone. Her destination was 360 2nd St.; Jersey City.

Two older sisters (Mary & Bridget) were already in the U.S. It appears that each of the sisters arrived in the U.S when they reach the legal age of 18.

The Immigration records indicates that she had $50 with her when she arrived in the U.S. and her Aunt (Ms. Maria Shine of 360 2nd St., Jersey City) had paid for her ticket.

She received her Immigration Visa at the US Embassy in Dublin on Sept. 15, 1927

She married Patrick Nelan Sr. on June 1, 1931 in Jersey City, NJ. They raised their family in Jersey City and retired to Spring Lake, NJ in 1960.

They had 6 chidren; 11 grand children; and 17 great grand children.

Catherine (Shine) Nelan died in Spring Lake, NJ on the 27 March 2004 at the age of 95

Catherine Shine Catherine Shine @ 1963

Cath-dellaCatherine & Bridget Shine @ 1929

S.S Aurania ship manifest - Oct. 17, 1927
US Immigration records - Oct. 17 1927
Picture of ship "S.S Aurania"


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S.S. Aurania