Nelan History


16 August 1806
Dublin Evening Post
Page 3
Disgraceful Transactions
County Kerry
.Patrick Nelan and others of his relations were apprehended at the fair of Castle Island, County Kerry. He was a resident of "the Causeway". There were bills of indictment against him and his relations "for forcible possession of a farm, the property of the Rev. Mr. Nelan, and also with having at various times, taken away a number of this gentleman's cows and sheep" at the previous court against him and his relatives. Two young men named Connor, children of the widow Connor of Drumkeen, were thought to be the persons who provided the information in order for him to be arrested.
. It mentions "his brothers, Maurice and Nicholas". Maurice was killed and Nicholas severly wounded. Their relatives which were charged: James Nelan, Jun., Nicholas who had been wounded, John Nelan, James Nelan (Pat.) and John O'Brien. "The Connors, Nelans and O'Briens are very nearly related."
. It refers to the Rev. Mr. Nelan as their uncle - "a gentleman highly respectable and of independent fortune, which for some months back, he was not permitted to enjoy being obliged for the security of his person, to quit his house and friends in Tralee, nor dare he even appear in the performance of his clerical functions in any of the chapel within his extensive parishes."