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Welcome to the Nelan / Pickens family tree.

Some families know a great deal about their roots; others know very little. This web site is our attempt to record what we have learned about our family history so far (some roots dating back to the 1500's). In these modern times, families tend to be scattered all over the country, if not the world. One of the goals is to help the existing & next generation of our family to know their roots. At the moment, we have barely even scratched the surface of our family history. But, with the help from others in the family, I'm sure we can get alot of information recorded.

The site has been established to allow our various related families to communicate, share information, and collaborate on all aspects of family news - past, present and future. It is open for viewing by anyone, anywhere - but privacy controls restrict certain data to registered family members only. In particular, without registration you cannot see any information about living individuals.

If you are a descendent of anyone listed here, please Register as a site user. That doesn't cost anything (and no spam will call!) - Once we 'approved' your registration - it will allow you to see details for people still alive, and let you suggest additions (or changes) for the branch of the family that you belong to.

Get involved in researching your roots, you will find if very interesting and somewhat addictive.... Enjoy...

Liz Nelan

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25 April 2009
Nelan / Pickens

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Baynes, William Henderson III William Henderson III20 September 1912109Birth 
Bladen, Clarence Clarence20 September 1888133Birth 
Blassengame, Eva Marie "Mama E." Eva Marie "Mama E."20 September 20138Death 
Cormack, John Levi John Levi20 September 1864157Birth 
Cunningham, Murray Murray20 September 1910111Birth 
Davis, Lessie Rae Lessie Rae20 September 197942Death 
Gilliam, Martha Ann Martha Ann20 September 1868153Death 
Hise, Margaret E. "Maggie" Margaret E. "Maggie"20 September 1883138Birth 
Jernigan, Bessie Bessie20 September 199922Death 
Lovelace, John A. John A.20 September 1890131Birth 
Morrison, Susan Teresia Susan Teresia20 September 1816205Birth 
Noble, Joseph Joseph20 September 1820201Birth 
Owen, Martha Antoinette E. Martha Antoinette E.20 September 1860161Birth 
Pickens, Charles David Charles David20 September 1893128Birth 
Pickens, Donald Ray Donald Ray20 September 193883Birth 
Pickens, Elizabeth Catherine Elizabeth Catherine20 September 1840181Death 
Pickens, Floyd Harrison Floyd Harrison20 September 198041Death 
Pickens, James Munroe James Munroe20 September 194378Death 
Pickens, Jennings Davis Jennings Davis20 September 198833Death 
Pickens, John Ervine Lee John Ervine Lee20 September 1885136Birth 
Pickens, Julius Kennedy Julius Kennedy20 September 1905116Death 
Pickens, Loyal A. Loyal A.20 September 200219Death 
Pickens, Margaret D. Margaret D.20 September 1920101Birth 
Pickens, Mary Mary20 September 1788233Birth 
Pickens, Mary Emma Mary Emma20 September 1871150Birth 
Pickens, Thomas McClure Thomas McClure20 September 1849172Death 
Pickens, Walter Athelbert Walter Athelbert20 September 1912109Birth 
Pickens, Zadoc Riggs Zadoc Riggs20 September 1824197Birth 
Porterfield, Mary Elizabeth Mary Elizabeth20 September 1920101Birth 
Rogers, James Grady James Grady20 September 1916105Birth 
Swearingen, Sarah Sarah20 September 1808213Death 
Tackeberry, Dorothy Jean Dorothy Jean20 September 193289Birth 
Truesdell, Earl Stafford Earl Stafford20 September 1895126Birth 
Van Winkle, Sandra Marie Sandra Marie20 September 199229Death 

Total events: 34

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